Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fundraising Tree

You’ve heard of a family tree, but have you heard of a fundraising tree? Create one for each of your fundraising sellers and watch the levels of your fundraising thermometer soar! 
It is a tool that can be easily created. Simply set up a chart similar to a family tree, each seller should have their own. The seller will list their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Next, branched off each relative, include friends, co-workers and other people the seller may know. This process will help the sellers bring to mind more prospects than they typically would otherwise. 
After the process is completed, have the sellers share some of the people they listed, it may prompt others to include more potential customers that they had not already made note of listing. For example, the below fundraising tree for a school fundraiser lists people from Girl Scouts, another seller may not have thought of including friends from extra-curricular activities. 

Fundraising Tree Example

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Practice Makes Fundraising Perfect

Role Playing
Did you know that one of the major reasons that people are unsuccessful in performing a task is simply because they do not know how to perform it? Unfortunately, it is easier to give up than it is to self-teach. Do not let one person’s uncertainty jeopardize your group’s fundraising success. 
Make role playing a crucial part of coordinating your fundraiser. Begin by creating several situations that your fundraising sellers will potentially encounter. Select non-sellers to play the part of the buyers. Have your fundraising sellers play the part of the salesperson, practice makes perfect! Don’t forget to include the mean person role, as it is a likely situation they will be faced with and you definitely want to show them how to handle it. 
Schedule the role playing on the same day that you are handing out fundraising packets, so it is fresh in their minds as they go off to sell, sell, sell. Allow time after staging each situation for a comprehensive explanation and critique. Ask questions from those who are watching. After role play is complete, ask if anyone has had any situations that they have personally encountered that was not covered. Also, ask if anyone has any general questions. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Promote Your Fundraiser

Many times people do not support your fundraiser simply because they don’t know about it. Here is what you need to do to prevent that from happening....
Spread the Word: 
With technology today, it is super easy to let others know that you are fundraising. Post it on your group’s Facebook page and ask seller’s parents to post it on their personal Facebook pages as well, encouraging friends to repost it to help spread the word and to help your cause. 
Send out a general text to all of the contacts in your cell phone, letting them know that you are trying to raise funds for your cause. You don’t have to be pushy, just say that you are fundraising, give them the information needed and tell them to contact you if they are interested in supporting your cause. 
Create a fundraiser blog and update it frequently as to what your goal is, where you stand and how the money raised will be used. 
Hang Signs: 
Colorful and eye catching signs are a great way to increase your fundraising efforts. Make sure to include all details, especially when your fundraiser begins and ends. 

Hang signs at your location, as well as public bulletin boards. Electronic message boards are also great for increasing awareness. Ask to include the information on your community’s calendar.  
Pass out Flyers: 
Make an informational flyer to pass out to local businesses, letting them know how they can support their community by supporting your fundraiser. 
After performing all of the above steps at the start of your fundraiser, repeat these steps again half way through the duration and a few days before your fundraiser ends. 
Remember to ALWAYS thank them for their support!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fundraising - Selling the Cause

“Where does the money go?” 

Ahh, the age old question of the skeptical customer. Don’t let this question catch you off guard. In fact, giving the customer this information upfront will show your enthusiasm for the cause and will generate compassion in the customer to support your efforts. 
Be specific in telling your customer how their money will benefit your organization. Simply saying “The money benefits our little league baseball team” may get you results, but beefing up the details, again shows your enthusiasm to raise money and will increase your sales. Explain to them what your needs are, but without over exaggerating. 
Example of what not to say (although you may get a laugh):
“We desperately need new uniforms. The ones we have now were worn by my parents when they were in little league. Do you want to buy a beef stick?”  
Example of what you should say (remember to always be honest): 
“We are raising money to purchase new uniforms. The ones we currently have are badly worn and really need replaced. Are you interested in helping us purchase new uniforms by buying a beef stick?”
Or if time is of the essence, quickly say, “Please help our team purchase new uniforms by purchasing a beef stick.”
Avoid starting your sales pitch with, “Do you want” or “Would you like”. Most commonly, these words lead to an immediate negative response before you have a chance to explain what you have to offer. 
Private labeling will also help you gain support by showing the potential customer who the money is going to, giving them a sense of pride for helping your cause, as well as gaining your group awareness within the community. 

Remember to ALWAYS thank them for their support!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Making Fundraising Friends

A great way to generate additional fundraising sales quickly is to find a fundraising friend, by partnering with a local business. Ask them to purchase a case of beef sticks at your fundraising selling price to re-sell at their location. With your personalized fundraising label, it will be easy for them to re-sell your sticks by showing their support to your cause without a loss to them. 

Using the transforming carry to display case, your fundraising friend can easily display the sticks on any counter top. Remind them that the sticks have a 12 month shelf-life without refrigeration requirements. 

Be creative in making local businesses into your fundraising friends. You could ask a realtor to purchase a case to display during an open house. Not only will they be helping you in your fundraising efforts, but they will receive recognition for supporting the community. It is a win-win for all!

Other Fundraising Partnering Suggestions:
- Local Hardware Store
- Local Grocery Store
- Local Gas Station
- Local Fitness Club
- Your Parent's Work

Check up on your fundraising friends to see how the beef stick sales are going. If you notice that they are getting low before the end of your fundraiser, you could ask them to purchase another case. 

Remember to ALWAYS thank them for their support!!!